AboutSchool No. 2 School Counselor Page:
Ms. Lynch

Welcome Back School 2 Eagles! 

I am writing to reassure you and remind you who I am!

For those who don’t know, I am Miss Lynch, the school counselor here at School 2.

I have been in the education field for over 20 years.

I am passionate about what I do.  I take your child’s needs as a priority and want to ensure everyday they feel safe and happy coming to school, if they don’t- this is where I come in.

Please do NOT hesitate to reach out to me with any concerns.

If you recall, last year the guidance department sent out emotional check in survey’s occasionally to see how the kids were doing.   We will continue to give those out occasionally, however if there are concerns, please do not wait for them, just contact me immediately.

This year, will be an interesting transitional one for us all.  I will continue to do my one to one check in and groups.  I will continue as I did last year, to go into the classes to teach again about different topics, one consistently has always been Mindfulness.

This year, the guidance department will be introducing a new program called, “Reboot”

Where we will be incorporating mindful techniques daily school wide.  As you are aware, mindfulness is scientifically proven to help self-regulation (how we react) and calming techniques and lessen anxieties.

Student well-being is a top priority for the Fort Lee School District, therefore we have begun incorporating social and emotional learning (SEL) in our curriculums. This year we will be adding another component to our efforts towards enhancing our student's SEL skills by implementing a new program, "Reboot for Schools." This program will be utilized across the district, in grades K-8.

Reboot for Schools is a mindfulness curriculum, providing daily 3-minute audio guided mindful moments that build on each other throughout the year, whether you're in-person or remote. Students will learn breathing, empathy, self-awareness, and self-regulation while developing tools to help with focus, stress, and building positive school communities. Each mindful moment ends with a positive directive for the student to remember throughout the day which helps keep students mindful and builds school culture (e.g., sit with someone you don't know at lunch or lend a helping hand to your teacher).

This year the district will also be hosting monthly parent programs to help support you parents and guardian through this transition.  The first one is called, “Strengths oust Stress” and will be hosted in September, more information to follow.

As always, I will have our Intervention and Referral Services and 504 manuals posted on my site for you to peruse if and when you need to.  Those are services offered for students who may have struggles in the classroom.  It just reviews the procedures in detail, if you would like to know more thoroughly.

The information can be found at: https://fles2.flboe.com/offices/guidance/about

There is a lot of information coming your way and a lot of changes for us all.

I want to reassure I am here for you all and we will get through this together.

My email is mlynch@flboe.com or you can call 201-585-4630 and I am extension 2503.

I look forward to hearing from you all and to a great year.


Meghan Lynch

School Counselor, LPC

504 Manual
IRS Manual