Congratulations to the School 2 Teachers of the Year! Kristie Han/KBL & Samantha Milgram/KM

Congratulations to the School 2 Teachers of the Year! Kristie Han/KBL & Samantha Milgram/KM
Posted on 02/05/2018


Kristie Han/KBL Teacher

This is my twenty sixth year teaching in the Fort Lee School District. I have taught in School 2, School 4, and L.F.C. Middle School and Fort Lee High School.  I currently teach Korean Bilingual, ESL, and ESL Biology.  Having immigrated to the US in 5th grade, I understand the difficulties students face in adjusting to a new culture as well as the challenges faced when learning an entirely new language.  My goal has always been to assist these students to overcome their challenges and succeed in our schools.  In the process, much of my effort is put into helping students enhance their emotional intelligence.  I strive to provide an environment for my students in which language learning is optimized and enthusiasm for the subject is instilled through encouragement and accomplishment.  My effort is rewarded everyday by the big smiles of my students who walk into the classroom.

Samantha Milgram/KM Teacher

This is my seventh year teaching kindergarten at School 2. As a product of the Fort Lee school system, it was always my dream to work in the town I grew up in. I graduated from Montclair State University in 2011 with certification to teach grades K-5. I am also highly qualified to teach Language Arts in grades 5-8. 

Although my degree spans multiple grade levels, my heart will always be in kindergarten. My teaching philosophy is simple: children thrive in an organized, consistent environment and soar when praised positively. My ultimate goal is to create a nurturing and motivating environment that will instill confidence in my young learners. If my students believe they can reach for the stars in this first foundational year of school, my hope is that they will carry this sense of self worth throughout the rest of their lives. As Robert Fulghum wrote..."All I need to know I learned in kindergarten".