Ordering School Photos

Ordering School Photos
Posted on 10/02/2017

SUBJECT: Ordering School Photos

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Your child will be receiving their picture form for their Fall photo this week.  Photos will be taking place over 2 dates, October 11th and October 12th.

October 11th will only be for grades Pre-k through 3rd grade.  They will take their class photo as well as their individual photo.  If your child is absent on October 11th, your child may take their individual photo on October 12th but please understand that their class photo will NOT be taken again. 

October 12th will only be for grades 4th through 6th grade. They will take their class photo as well as their individual photo. If your child is absent on October 12th, your child will have to wait until retakes in December. Please note that your child will not be in their class photo.

You may order school photos online – go to www.mylifetouch.com


It will ask you to enter the Picture Day ID from your order form,


And then enter your child’s first name   

Once you click on the button, it will confirm the school and Picture Day ID code, then you can click SHOP NOW - you may start ordering your photos.

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Gereb from the PTA at 201-602-0408.