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District Announcements
Amended School Calendar for 2013-2014

The School Calendar has been amended to make up snow days for the 2013-2014 school year. All schools will be open on Saturday, March 22nd and Saturday, March 29th  and all students should report to their respective school at 8:00 a.m. and will be dismissed at 12 noon. All schools will be operating on a full-day schedule on Monday, April 14th and Tuesday, April 15th. Students will be exempt for religious observance during scheduled school days, provided the parent notifies the principal. [More Information]
School Announcements
Teacher of the Year - Mrs. Michelle Dawson
WordMasters Challenge

One of our students achieved individual Highest Honors in the recent WordMasters Challenge – a national vocabulary competition involving nearly 150,000 students annually. Completing in the Blue Division of the WordMasters Challenge, sixth grader Atharva Gulvadi achieved a perfect score of 20 on the second of three challenges to be held this school year. Nationally, only 32 sixth graders achieved this result. The students were coached in preparation for the WordMasters Challenge by Ms. Soria.
Dare Games 2014

Congratulations School Two!

We are excited to announce that School Two's
Cheerleaders won FIRST PLACE and Basketball Team won THIRD PLACE!

Eric Reznick and Amanda Hooton received awards for Good Sportsmanship!

We would like to give special thanks to the coaches...

Tara Trovato-Gratacos - Basketball Coach
John LaRusso - Assistant Basketball Coach
Kristine Rodriguez - Cheerleading Coach
Lauren Dimick  - Assistant Cheerleading Coach

Important Dates to Remember - April 2014

  • MAR. 31-APR. 4          GRADE 2 – NJPASS/IN-VIEW TESTING
  • APR. 4                        K-8 END of 3rd MARKING PERIOD
  • APR. 7                        SEL ASSEMBLY @ 1:30 PM
                                            SPELLING BEE/6TH GRADE @ 9:00 AM
  • APR. 8                        LIFE TOUCH GROUP PHOTOS
                                            SNACK SALE TUESDAY
  • APR. 11                      FIELD DAY (weather permitting)
                                            K-8 REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION
  • APR. 14-15                SCHOOL OPEN
  • APR. 15                      PASSOVER BEGINS
  • APR. 16-18                SPRING RECESS & GOOD FRIDAY
                                           – SCHOOL CLOSED
  • APR. 20                      EASTER SUNDAY
  • APR. 22                      SPRING PICTURE DAY
                                            G&T PRESENTATION/6th GRADE
                                            EARTH DAY/SNACK SALE
  • APR. 23                      KINDERGARTEN SCREENING
                                            TALENT SHOW 7:00 PM
  • APR. 25                      FIELD DAY – MAKE UP DAY
  • APR. 29                      SNACK SALE TUESDAY 
Reading at Home: Tips for Families
Important Dates To Remember - March 2014
  • March 3              Read Across America
  • March 4              Parent Meeting @ 7PM
  • March 7              Kindergarten Showcase
  • March 9              Daylight Savings - Set Clocks Ahead
  • March 11            PTA Meeting @ 7 PM
  • March 18            1:00 PM - Early Dismissal    
  •                            Professional Development                
  •                            Half Day Snack Sale
  • March 19            Middle School Music Demonstration
  • March 25            Snack Sale Tuesday
  • March 26-28       Parent/Teacher Conferences        
  •                            1:00 PM - Early Dismissal   
  • March 28            School Sprit Day
  • March 31            Grade 2 - NJPASS/In-View Testing Begins

School Performance Report
 School 2

2013 School Performance Report Summary

January 2014


School 2’s academic performance is high when compared to schools across the state. Additionally, its academic performance is high when compared to its peers.

School 2’s college and career readiness is about average when compared to schools across the state. Additionally, its college and career readiness is about average when compared to its peers. School 2’s student growth performance is very high when compared to schools across the state. Additionally, its student growth performance is very high when compared to its peers.

School 2 outperformed 69% of schools statewide as noted by its statewide percentile and 78% of schools educating students with similar demographic characteristics as noted in its peer school percentile in the performance area of Academic Achievement. It is meeting 90% of its performance targets in the area of Academic Achievement. The percentage of performance demonstrates an improvement of almost double that of the previous year.

School 2 outperformed 55% of schools statewide as noted by its statewide percentile and 42% of schools educating students with similar demographic characteristics as noted in its peer school percentile in the performance area of College and Career Readiness. Additionally, School 2 is meeting 100% of its performance targets in the area of College and Career Readiness. This year’s performance is a 100% improvement from last year’s score.

This school outperforms 86% of schools statewide as noted by its statewide percentile and 88% of schools educating students with similar demographic characteristics as noted in its peer school percentile in the performance area of Student Growth. Additionally, School 2 is meeting 100% percentage of its performance targets in the area of Student Growth. Although last year School 2 also met 100% of its targets in this area, this year’s score demonstrates a marked improvement in our statewide percentile rank.

This year’s scores demonstrate a significant improvement.  I am extremely proud of the teachers and staff at School 2 for their continued dedication and hard work and for providing our students with the very best educational practices.

February Dates



  • FEB. 4                          REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION

                                    SNACK SALE 


·       FEB. 13                        MATH OLYMPIAD 

·       FEB. 14                        VALENTINE’S DAY

  • FEB. 17                         PRESIDENTS DAY-SCHOOL CLOSED 
  • FEB. 18-19                    WINTER RECESS–SCHOOL CLOSED    
  • FEB. 25                        SNACK SALE 
  • FEB. 26-28                    KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION
  • FEB. 28                        SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY
Helpful Tips On Staying Healthy During The Winter
Help Families Focus on Goal-Setting in 2014
Informe a los PADRES - Cómo Establecer Objetivos
 Due to the inclement weather expected tomorrow,  Tuesday, December 10th,  the Holiday Concert will begin at 10:30 AM NOT at 9:30 AM.

Starting the concert at 10:30 will allow the students to enter the building immediately after the bell rings so they will not have to line up outside.

 Thank you for your anticipated understanding and cooperation.

Turkey Trot

Students at School Two participated in a "Turkey Trot" event this November. We walked laps around the school by grade level. We set a goal to walk 20 laps in total and donate one turkey per each lap walked. We ended up beating our goal by walking 24 laps in total and donating 22 turkeys to families in need! We also collected over 400 cans of food to go along with the turkeys for a complete Thanksgiving meal. Whole Foods supermarket donated 8 turkeys to support our cause. We teamed up with the Bergen County Center for Food Action, who will be distributing the turkeys and canned goods to local Bergen County families without Thanksgiving dinner. Our students learned the importance of giving back, especially during the holiday season. Way to go, School Two!!!
American Education Day

November 19, 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians:

You are cordially invited to visit your child’s class during American Education Day on Thursday, November 21st from 9:30 – 11:30 AM OR 1:00 to 2:30 PM.

This will be an opportunity to see your child’s class in action and to observe the group dynamics that take place in an elementary classroom.

Please note that, in order to be able to accommodate as many parents as possible we ask that you either attend in the morning OR in the afternoon and limit your visit to no more than one class period (40 min). 

Since this visit is designed to let you see your child and his/her classmates at work, we ask that you help us in the following ways during your visit:

1.    Please enter via the main entrance and check in at the welcoming table to present personal identification. Please limit your stay so that we may accommodate all of our visitors. Visit only your child’s classroom.

2.     Because we want to avoid disturbing the usual classroom routine, adults only will be permitted to visit. Please do not bring siblings or other children.

3.   Please take a seat in the chairs provided. Please refrain from conversation, which distracts both the teacher and students. We also ask that you do not bring food, drinks or cell phones into the classroom.

4.      The use of cameras or picture taking of any kind is not permitted.

Enjoy your classroom visit!


Marianela Martin

Important Dates - November


  • NOV. 3                  DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 
  • NOV. 5                  ELECTION DAY – SCHOOLS CLOSED
  • NOV. 6                  POST VISIT – 5th GRADE
                                       “TURKEY TROT” 

  • NOV. 10                FIELD OF HEROES CEREMONY (FLHS)
  • NOV. 11                VETERAN’S DAY CEREMONY
  • NOV. 13                POST VISIT – 6th GRADE
                                      END OF THE 1st MARKING PERIOD
  • NOV. 19                REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION
  • NOV. 27               1:00 DISMISSAL


  • NOV. 28-29          THANKSGIVING RECESS
Halloween Parade

Dear Parents:

Students are permitted to wear their costumes to school tomorrow for Halloween.  Please keep in mind that they MUST be able to remove it on their own to be able to use the bathroom. Also, NO weapons or bloody or gory masks are permitted.

You are also welcome to join us in the playground to watch our Halloween parade tomorrow, October 31st at 2:15.

The children will walk around the playground from 2:15 until about 2:45.  They will then go back to their classrooms and have a regular dismissal.

Thank you.

October Reminders
  • Sept. 30-Oct. 4   WEEK OF RESPECT
  • Oct.  2             Early Dismissal Day 1:00 PM


·     Oct.  7-12         FIRE PREVENTION WEEK 

  • Oct.  9             Walk to School Day 
  • Oct. 10            Assembly – Antibullying/Respect Month
  • Oct. 14            Columbus Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Oct. 21-25        RED RIBBON WEEK
  • Oct. 22            Early Dismissal Day 1:00 PM

Professional Development

  • Oct. 25            PTA Halloween Dance
  • Oct. 31            Halloween Parade
Welcome Back Letter

August 30, 2013


Dear Parents,


While the children have been on summer vacation, the administrators and staff of the Fort Lee School District have been working diligently to prepare for the upcoming school year. We are looking forward to an academic year filled with success and rewarding experiences for all our students.


On the first day of school you will receive the Annual Student Information Form along with permission forms, emergency information, lunch forms, Bollinger Insurance forms, and the YMCA after school forms among others.


Please complete these forms and return them to your child’s teacher on the second day of school. In order to maintain the safety and security of your child it is imperative that these forms be returned promptly.  Most important of all is the information on dismissal and emergency contacts.


The first day of school is Monday, September 9th. Students should arrive by 8:30 to line up. This will be a one o’clock dismissal day.  No lunch will be served, please be sure your child brings a snack (even 3rd through 6th graders).  All students must be picked up at 1:00 PM UNLESS they have been registered in the YMCA after school program. If your child is a walker, that is, he/she will be able to walk home unescorted, you MUST write a note to your child’s teacher and send it on the very first day.  It is absolutely imperative that we know if your child has permission to walk home alone.  If we do not receive a letter, an adult MUST pick up your child at 1:00 PM.


I look forward to collaborating with our School 2 families to ensure a rewarding, successful year for our students.  Again, I appreciate your cooperation in returning these important documents to your child’s teacher on Tuesday, September 10th.



Mrs. Marianela Martin

Report to Parents
 According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), children should participate in various fun and brain-friendly activities to stay engaged during the summer months. Please click on the link, Exercise Kids' Minds During the Summer to read the current article. 
Summer Activities

» Educator Spotlight » The Bridge, 06/13

Bullying Prevention Activities Parents and Children Can Do Together

Summer is a great opportunity for parents to participate in activities with their children that can help them to develop empathy, respect for others and positive problem-solving skills, including the following:

  • Perform community service – Participating in community service with your children can help them to better understand people of different backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, ages, educations and income levels. Consider having your children volunteer with an organization that focuses on servicing certain groups that are commonly misunderstood or harassed by others.
  • Watch films that discourage prejudice – Watching films with your children on the harmful effects of racism, homophobia, sexism and other forms of prejudice throughout history can help your children develop empathy and discourage them from bullying others. Watching these films may help children who have been bullied to identify with other groups that have been mistreated. Many films that address these issues can be found at the public library.
  • Read books or other literature that discourage prejudice – Similar to watching films that address the prejudice many groups have faced, reading books on this topic can help your children develop empathy and discourage them from bullying others. Books that deal with prejudice should be available at school and public libraries.
  • Visit museums and attend educational events on social issues – Taking your children to museums or educational events with exhibits that focus on social issues, such as poverty, civil rights and prejudice, can help your children to better understand the lives and struggles of others. Many local community organizations, governments and public universities also regularly hold panels, workshops and other events on past and current social issues that are open to the public.
  • Keep your family up-to-date on current events – Watching the news, reading the newspaper and engaging in other activities that help your children stay up-to-date on current events can have many benefits. Talking about the events and discussing the behavior seen can help to teach the behavior you want to see from your children.

Monthly Activities

Important Dates Reminder
June 2013

June 3 - 6th Grade Showcase - 6C

June 4 - FLHS Students Reading

June 5 - G&T Mock Trial 4th Grade
              3/4/5N – Showcase
              Post – 2nd Grade

June 6 - Game Show Assembly 3rd - 6th

June 7 - Field Day

June 11 - Spring Concert

June 12 - MET Opera 4th Grade @ 9:30

June 13 - Mayor's Council 4th Grade (Evening)

June 14 - 6th Grade Trip Spirit Cruise
                Kindergarten Ceremony/Orientation

June 17 - Field Trip - 2nd Grade

June 18 - G&T Showcase
                SEL Assembly - AM

June 19 - Recorder Concert - 3rd Grade

June 21 - Awards Breakfast - 6th Grade "Clap Out"

June 24 - Moving Up Ceremony - 6th Grade

June 25 - Last Day of School - Students


Report to Parents


The National Association of Elementary School  Principals (NAESP), released an important article entitled, Protecting Your Child: Safeguarding Kid's Online Activities pertaining to the safety precautions to monitor your child's online behavior. Please click on the link http://www.naesp.org/sites/default/files/RtP_Online%20Safety.pdf to access the article. Also, you can click on the image to visit NetSmartzKids.org.
Field Day

Due to the rainy weather conditions, our field day has been postponed until Friday, June 7th 2013.
Letter to parents
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Summer weather seems to be arriving earlier each year!! Please make sure your children are dressed comfortably in light, loose fitting clothes. Shorts and skirts should be an appropriate length (finger tip rule) and girls should not be wearing tank tops, halter tops or blouses with spaghetti straps; bare midriffs are not permitted.
Also, I respectfully request that you adhere to the following safety procedures:
  • In order to keep your children safe, it is also important that they were appropriate shoes to school; sneakers are preferable. Flip flops and sandals should not be worn. Other students may step on their toes/feet and the loose sandals may cause them to trip or fall going up and down the stairs or running around at recess. They will not be able to participate in gym while wearing sandals.
  • More children are likely to walk home or play outside in this lovely weather. Please review with them that they should always cross at crosswalks and/or where the crossing guards are stationed. There have been several pedestrian accidents in town; we want to make sure all the children are safe.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you so much for your anticipated cooperation.
Marianela Martin
May Activities- Update
v     May 22                4th Grade Class Trip
                                 6D Showcase
v     May 24                 Field Day (weather permitting)
v     May 28                 G & T Trip
v     May 29                  6th Grade Spelling Bee(FLHS)
                                   Game Show Assembly
v     May 31                  Circle of The Arts (FLHS)
v     May 30-31              MET Opera Workshop

We have many items in our "Lost and Found".  Please remind your child to check for any lost/misplaced items.
Please note that any unclaimed items will be donated after the last day of school.
Thank you. 
School Anti-Bullying Specialist Information
School Anti-Bullying Specialist
Aimee DeSheplo, Guidance Counselor
2047 Jones Road
Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024
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