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School Announcements
School 2 Eagle News

School #2 is proud to present the first edition of School 2 Eagle News! [More information]
Important Dates To Remember - October 2014

  • Oct. 1                          Early Dismissal Day 1:00 PM
                                               BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT @ 7:00 PM
  • Oct. 3                          Yom Kippur – Early Dismissal
  • Oct. 6                          PTA Class Parent Orientation
  • Oct. 6-10                     Week of Respect
  • Oct. 7                          Firefighter Phil Visit
  • Oct. 13                        Columbus Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Oct. 14                        PTA Meeting @ 7:00 PM
  • Oct. 17                        Fall Photos
                                               3rd Grade Trip
  • Oct. 20-24                   School Violence Awareness Week
  • Oct. 21                        Early Dismissal Day 1:00 PM
                                               Professional Development
  • Oct. 23                        Spirit Day
  • Oct. 24                        PTA Halloween Dance
                                              (K -3) 5:00 pm – 6:30 PM    
                                              (4 –6) 7:00 pm – 8:30 PM
  • Oct. 31                        Halloween Parade @ 2:15 PM in field
Denise Beffre - P.E.

 My name is Denise Beffre and I have been a part of the Fort Lee School  system for 12   years teaching dance and Physical Education at the high  school. [More information]

Clara Min - 1M

It is great excitement and my pleasure to introduce myself as the new First Grade Teacher of Fort Lee School #2. [More information]


Sally Macaluso - PSD

My name is Sally Macaluso. I'm thrilled to introduce myself as a new Special Education Preschool Teacher at Fort Lee Early Childhood Center at School #2. [More information]


Deanna Capiello - 5/6M

My name is Deanna Cappiello-Marquart. Although I am new to the School 2 family, I have been employed by Fort Lee for the last 2 years. [More information]

Danielle Christal - 5C

I am pleased to be joining the staff at School 2 as a Fifth Grade Teacher. [More information]

School #2 Traffic Flow

Dear Parent/Guardian:
As the new 2014-2015 school year approaches, we would like to remind Parents /Guardians that safety is the Fort Lee Police Departments top priority. [Click here for the traffic flow report]

Return to School Letter
August 2014
Dear Parents/Guardians,
I hope you have had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to a successful, fun-filled school year.  Classes will soon be starting and I know this school year will be an enjoyable one in which your child will be challenged to learn and study.  The teachers and staff members at School 2 are caring, hard-working professionals dedicated to making your child’s experience fulfilling and rewarding.
We are excited to welcome new staff this year: Ms. Clara Min in first grade (replacing Ms. Margolies), Ms. Danielle Christal in 5th grade (replacing Mr. Cuozzo), Ms. Deanna Capiello-Marquart for the 5th/6th grade class (replacing Ms. Currie) and Ms. Denise Beffre (replacing Ms. Gratacos) for Physical Education.
The information provided below is intended to help you as you prepare to return after our summer break:
  1. School will begin on Monday, September 8, 2014
  2. This will be a regular school day. The school day hours are from 8:40 am to 3:00 pm. Students should arrive at 8:30am each day to organize for homeroom before the start of the school day.
  3. All students in kindergarten through grade 6 should be dropped off in the front of the building (No earlier than 8:20). Students should line up in the designated area while waiting for the front doors to open. Once the doors are open, they should go directly to the gym, unescorted.
  4. Breakfast and school lunch will be able available starting on the first day of school.  The Pomptonian, our new food service provider, will have the menu posted on the district website.  The students will receive a hard copy on the first day of school.
  5. Our Extended School Day program (Club Ed) will begin on Monday, September 8th. This program offers educational and recreational opportunities between 3:00pm and 6:00pm for children of working parents who are in need of after school care. Applications are available online and at our main office. Children can begin the program when the form is submitted.
This summer, the Fort Lee School District installed a new, more efficient phone system.  Teachers will have phones in their classrooms which will be a tremendous asset for reaching out to parents and of course, will be an excellent safety measure as well. Please note, that although you may leave a message for a teacher, he/she will not be able to check messages until the END of the day.  If you need to notify the teacher of changes in your child’s dismissal plans or any other type of emergency please be sure to call the MAIN OFFICE and speak with our secretary. 
In June, the Fort Lee Board of Education approved the installation of modular units to meet the growing needs of our Pre-School population.  These units will house the pre-school, occupational and physical therapy instructional areas and Child Study Team members.  The installation has progressed very nicely and is on schedule.  The Board of Education has also approved the following improvements once installation is complete:
  • An 8 foot fence around the perimeter of the property for students’ safety
  • Walkways for safe access
  • Newly installed sod and landscaping to enhance the appearance of the surrounding area
  • Brand new playground equipment that will comply with new safety codes
  • Brand new macadam surrounding the area
  • Additional parking spaces for staff members
  • Additional secure access to the playground area
Most of the renovations listed will be completed the last week of August with peripherals, such as the landscaping and playground equipment, completed within the first 2 weeks of school and the end of September.
Also, please be sure to log on to our district website to receive all the necessary forms that must be completed for your child.  These include, but are not limited to:
  • The dismissal form (which will notify us if your child is a walker, will be picked up, or is bussed)
  • The computer use permission form
  • A copy of our Code of Conduct
  • Other important notifications

Please complete the forms and sign where designated and have your child bring them into his/her teacher on the first day of school.
Finally, included in this mailing is a letter which will explain the traffic procedures for arrival and dismissal at School 2.  Much discussion has taken place in conjunction with the Fort Lee Police Department to provide the best system possible for a safe, effective drop off and pick up for all students. 
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  I look forward to our continued collaboration.  Please note, our Back to School Night is Wednesday, October 1st.  I strongly advise you to attend this most important event in order to meet your child’s teacher and learn how, working together, we will be able to provide the best academic and nurturing environment for your children.
Marianela Martin
Important Dates To Remember

JUNE 2              



                         KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION @ 1:45 P.M.
                         6th GRADE DANCE – REC. CENTER @ 7:00 P.M.

JUNE 9              5th & 6th GRADE SELECT CHORUS TO HS

JUNE 10            MUSIC PRESENTATION FOR 3rd - 5th
                         G&T 5th GRADE PRESENTATION FLHS @ 6:45 P.M.

JUNE 11            3rd GRADE RECORDER CONCERT@ 9:30 A.M. Parents

JUNE 13            6th GRADE TRIP

JUNE 15            FATHER’S DAY

JUNE 17            FINAL SEL ASSEMBLY @ 10:15 A.M.
                        3rd GRADE TRIP

JUNE 19            EARLY DISMISSAL – 1:00 P.M.
                         6th GRADE AWARDS BREAKFAST

JUNE 20            EARLY DISMISSAL – 1:00 PM
                         LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS
                         6th GRADE MOVING UP CEREMONY @ 10:30 A.M.


(SCHOOL RE-OPENS 9/8/2014)

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to the district winners and finalists!  
The Spelling Bee took place at the Fort Lee High School on Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

District Winners
Daniel Lim  - 1st Place
Musa Shams - 3rd Place

Brian Lee
Christian Chang
Aya Karim
Elijah Kingston
Justin Arias
Minnie Park
Lauren Oh
Jana Alharbi
Important Dates To Remember

MAY 1               PARENTS' SALE
                        KINDERGARTEN SCREENING

MAY 2               2ND GRADE SHOWCASE

MAY 5-9           NJASK GRADES 5TH & 6TH
                       TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK

MAY 11            MOTHER'S DAY

MAY 12-16        NJASK GRADES 3RD & 4TH

MAY 20            PTA - SNACK SALE


                        VISIT TO MIDDLE SCHOOL - GRADE 6



MAY 30             *SPIRIT DAY
Teacher of the Year

Michelle Dawson graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Also, she received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Michelle Dawson has fifteen years of teaching experience. She began her teaching career as a Third Grade Teacher in Fort Lee at School Two. Since then she has taught Kindergarten and Fourth Grade. Michelle Dawson is currently the BSI MATH Teacher for Grades 1 through 6.
WordMasters Challenge

One of our students achieved individual Highest Honors in the recent WordMasters Challenge – a national vocabulary competition involving nearly 150,000 students annually. Completing in the Blue Division of the WordMasters Challenge, sixth grader Atharva Gulvadi achieved a perfect score of 20 on the second of three challenges to be held this school year. Nationally, only 32 sixth graders achieved this result. The students were coached in preparation for the WordMasters Challenge by Ms. Soria.
Dare Games 2014

Congratulations School Two!
We are excited to announce that School Two's
Cheerleaders won FIRST PLACE and Basketball Team won THIRD PLACE!

Eric Reznick and Amanda Hooton received awards for Good Sportsmanship!

We would like to give special thanks to the coaches...

Tara Trovato-Gratacos - Basketball Coach
John LaRusso - Assistant Basketball Coach
Kristine Rodriguez - Cheerleading Coach
Lauren Dimick  - Assistant Cheerleading Coach
Important Dates to Remember - April 2014

  • MAR. 31-APR. 4          GRADE 2 – NJPASS/IN-VIEW TESTING
  • APR. 4                        K-8 END of 3rd MARKING PERIOD
  • APR. 7                        SEL ASSEMBLY @ 1:30 PM
                                            SPELLING BEE/6TH GRADE @ 9:00 AM
  • APR. 8                        LIFE TOUCH GROUP PHOTOS
                                            SNACK SALE TUESDAY
  • APR. 11                      FIELD DAY (weather permitting)
                                            K-8 REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION
  • APR. 14-15                SCHOOL OPEN
  • APR. 15                      PASSOVER BEGINS
  • APR. 16-18                SPRING RECESS & GOOD FRIDAY
                                           – SCHOOL CLOSED
  • APR. 20                      EASTER SUNDAY
  • APR. 22                      SPRING PICTURE DAY
                                            G&T PRESENTATION/6th GRADE
                                            EARTH DAY/SNACK SALE
  • APR. 23                      KINDERGARTEN SCREENING
                                            TALENT SHOW 7:00 PM
  • APR. 25                      FIELD DAY – MAKE UP DAY
  • APR. 29                      SNACK SALE TUESDAY 
Reading at Home: Tips for Families
Important Dates To Remember - March 2014
  • March 3              Read Across America
  • March 4              Parent Meeting @ 7PM
  • March 7              Kindergarten Showcase
  • March 9              Daylight Savings - Set Clocks Ahead
  • March 11            PTA Meeting @ 7 PM
  • March 18            1:00 PM - Early Dismissal    
  •                            Professional Development                
  •                            Half Day Snack Sale
  • March 19            Middle School Music Demonstration
  • March 25            Snack Sale Tuesday
  • March 26-28       Parent/Teacher Conferences        
  •                            1:00 PM - Early Dismissal   
  • March 28            School Sprit Day
  • March 31            Grade 2 - NJPASS/In-View Testing Begins

School Performance Report
 School 2

2013 School Performance Report Summary

January 2014


School 2’s academic performance is high when compared to schools across the state. Additionally, its academic performance is high when compared to its peers.

School 2’s college and career readiness is about average when compared to schools across the state. Additionally, its college and career readiness is about average when compared to its peers. School 2’s student growth performance is very high when compared to schools across the state. Additionally, its student growth performance is very high when compared to its peers.

School 2 outperformed 69% of schools statewide as noted by its statewide percentile and 78% of schools educating students with similar demographic characteristics as noted in its peer school percentile in the performance area of Academic Achievement. It is meeting 90% of its performance targets in the area of Academic Achievement. The percentage of performance demonstrates an improvement of almost double that of the previous year.

School 2 outperformed 55% of schools statewide as noted by its statewide percentile and 42% of schools educating students with similar demographic characteristics as noted in its peer school percentile in the performance area of College and Career Readiness. Additionally, School 2 is meeting 100% of its performance targets in the area of College and Career Readiness. This year’s performance is a 100% improvement from last year’s score.

This school outperforms 86% of schools statewide as noted by its statewide percentile and 88% of schools educating students with similar demographic characteristics as noted in its peer school percentile in the performance area of Student Growth. Additionally, School 2 is meeting 100% percentage of its performance targets in the area of Student Growth. Although last year School 2 also met 100% of its targets in this area, this year’s score demonstrates a marked improvement in our statewide percentile rank.

This year’s scores demonstrate a significant improvement.  I am extremely proud of the teachers and staff at School 2 for their continued dedication and hard work and for providing our students with the very best educational practices.

February Dates



  • FEB. 4                          REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION

                                    SNACK SALE 


·       FEB. 13                        MATH OLYMPIAD 

·       FEB. 14                        VALENTINE’S DAY

  • FEB. 17                         PRESIDENTS DAY-SCHOOL CLOSED 
  • FEB. 18-19                    WINTER RECESS–SCHOOL CLOSED    
  • FEB. 25                        SNACK SALE 
  • FEB. 26-28                    KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION
  • FEB. 28                        SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY
Helpful Tips On Staying Healthy During The Winter
Help Families Focus on Goal-Setting in 2014
Informe a los PADRES - Cómo Establecer Objetivos
 Due to the inclement weather expected tomorrow,  Tuesday, December 10th,  the Holiday Concert will begin at 10:30 AM NOT at 9:30 AM.

Starting the concert at 10:30 will allow the students to enter the building immediately after the bell rings so they will not have to line up outside.

 Thank you for your anticipated understanding and cooperation.

Turkey Trot

Students at School Two participated in a "Turkey Trot" event this November. We walked laps around the school by grade level. We set a goal to walk 20 laps in total and donate one turkey per each lap walked. We ended up beating our goal by walking 24 laps in total and donating 22 turkeys to families in need! We also collected over 400 cans of food to go along with the turkeys for a complete Thanksgiving meal. Whole Foods supermarket donated 8 turkeys to support our cause. We teamed up with the Bergen County Center for Food Action, who will be distributing the turkeys and canned goods to local Bergen County families without Thanksgiving dinner. Our students learned the importance of giving back, especially during the holiday season. Way to go, School Two!!!
American Education Day

November 19, 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians:

You are cordially invited to visit your child’s class during American Education Day on Thursday, November 21st from 9:30 – 11:30 AM OR 1:00 to 2:30 PM.

This will be an opportunity to see your child’s class in action and to observe the group dynamics that take place in an elementary classroom.

Please note that, in order to be able to accommodate as many parents as possible we ask that you either attend in the morning OR in the afternoon and limit your visit to no more than one class period (40 min). 

Since this visit is designed to let you see your child and his/her classmates at work, we ask that you help us in the following ways during your visit:

1.    Please enter via the main entrance and check in at the welcoming table to present personal identification. Please limit your stay so that we may accommodate all of our visitors. Visit only your child’s classroom.

2.     Because we want to avoid disturbing the usual classroom routine, adults only will be permitted to visit. Please do not bring siblings or other children.

3.   Please take a seat in the chairs provided. Please refrain from conversation, which distracts both the teacher and students. We also ask that you do not bring food, drinks or cell phones into the classroom.

4.      The use of cameras or picture taking of any kind is not permitted.

Enjoy your classroom visit!


Marianela Martin

Important Dates - November


  • NOV. 3                  DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 
  • NOV. 5                  ELECTION DAY – SCHOOLS CLOSED
  • NOV. 6                  POST VISIT – 5th GRADE
                                       “TURKEY TROT” 

  • NOV. 10                FIELD OF HEROES CEREMONY (FLHS)
  • NOV. 11                VETERAN’S DAY CEREMONY
  • NOV. 13                POST VISIT – 6th GRADE
                                      END OF THE 1st MARKING PERIOD
  • NOV. 19                REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION
  • NOV. 27               1:00 DISMISSAL


  • NOV. 28-29          THANKSGIVING RECESS
Halloween Parade

Dear Parents:

Students are permitted to wear their costumes to school tomorrow for Halloween.  Please keep in mind that they MUST be able to remove it on their own to be able to use the bathroom. Also, NO weapons or bloody or gory masks are permitted.

You are also welcome to join us in the playground to watch our Halloween parade tomorrow, October 31st at 2:15.

The children will walk around the playground from 2:15 until about 2:45.  They will then go back to their classrooms and have a regular dismissal.

Thank you.

School Anti-Bullying Specialist Information
School Anti-Bullying Specialists
Aimee DeSheplo, Guidance Counselor
2047 Jones Road
Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024
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